Mango and Pumpkin

Last night I couldn’t muster up the energy to cook up a lentil dahl. I ended up having a Sargent’s pie for dinner… I was so lazy and hungry that I didn’t even put it in the oven! The microwave did a pretty good job of zapping the frozen Sargent’s pie. I hate how when you microwave frozen pies they go soggy! The pastry was nice and crisp on this Sargent’s pie. I wanted to steal a photo of what they look like from the Sargent’s website but the last thing I want is to get sued for stealing photography/pictures for my blog! Does anybody know of these copyright rules? It could be a while before I start coming up with my own recipes to share! Am I allowed to post up recipes from books that I have used to share with you guys? Please, if you know the ‘shinding’ (meaning: what’s  happening)  on copyright rules throw me a comment aye?! Until I know what’s happening and I sort out the mess with my digital camera, check out Sargent’s website: Sargent’s is an Australian pie too! Take note of their logo crafted into the pastry like a stamp! Hopefully one day I will be able to share pie recipes on this blog! Do you have a fave microwavable pie? Where do you go for good pie recipes? Pie contests/shows?

As I ate my pie, I came across this awesome game on Facebook (social networking site)! The game is called Sweet World!

The game is totally awesome. To those familiar with FarmVille – it is very similar! I have been baking and cooking up cookies, brownies and donuts to sell! Give the game a go! It’s much easier to be a masterchef in this game than in real life! Once logged into facebook, you can access the game “Sweet World” by searching for it under the search bar and following the links. What level are you at on “Sweet World”? Any tips to the game?

Going to the Wild Yak (Tibetan Restaurant) tonight for dinner with my old folks (parents) – review and photos to come!

Sweeted out,


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