Mango and Pumpkin

{April 26, 2010}   Books for Cooks

233-235 Gertrude St
Fitzroy VIC 3065
(03) 8415 1415

I’ve been a bit overwhelmed with trying to move from my flat to a share house. Distractions seem to pop up everywhere! I was reading all of my cooking books and licking my lips. Sadly, I was too tired from packing and lacked the desire to create dishes to clean! Instead, I went for an adventure! I got a nice oily greazy Kebab from Northcote. Mmm! Where do you go for the best kebabs? I then decided to jump on the tram and head towards Books For Cooks! I didn’t really know where it is… I just remember reading about it being on Gertrude St in¬†Fitzroy (Melb, Australia!).

I totally recommend you check out Books For Cooks for if you would like a sticky beek! However, you should make sure to leave your credit cards at home… the prices aren’t cheap! I’ve also discovered that second hand book stores are becoming more expensive as their popularity goes.¬† When buying cookbooks, I usually get lucky for money at the Op Shops. The only down side to the Op-Shops is that they are usually stacked to the ceiling with microwave cooking books or really old books with no pictures to inspire you. If you are looking for that rare book or a fave with a signature from the Chef.. go to books for cooks! The woman that was working there when I visited was lovely to show me around the store.. there were books of every country, ones about healthy eatting but my fave was by far the massive collection of the Australian Women’s Weeklys. I love the Australian Women’s Weekly because it reminds me of being a child and cooking with my mum but most importantly their recipes always seem to be a success!

Anywho, I’m in the city at an internet cafe! Just about to go and see the movie ‘Only In Rome!’ I’m gonna go and explore to find some food to take in. Do you pre-make movie food? Any suggestions?

Oh, and I’ve recently been to a Nepalese restaurant in Northcote and been playing around with food at home… food & reviews to come! It shall be easier once I have moved place!


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